Territorial Planning Institutions 

The new Law on Territorial Planning (No. 10 119, 23.4.2009) states in Article 5 that " ...the National Territorial Planning authorities shall be:

a) the Council of Ministers;
b) the National Territorial Council;
c) the National Territorial Planning Agency;
d) each and every Ministry and each and every other central public body which, under the effective legislation, has territorial planning duties and responsibilities, or any other body subor­dinate to the former or to the Council of Ministers that has been delegated or sub-delegated specific tasks and responsibilities regarding territorial planning and environmental control."

Article 87 of the Law mandates that the Council of Ministers shall "...enact sub-legislation required for the setting up and functioning of the National Territorial Planning Agency with in 6 months of the coming into effect of this Law," or effectively, before December ,20 09. And further that "...the NTPA shall enact sub-legal draft acts... pursuant … to Article 55 (the National Territo­rial Planning Register) by May 1,2010."

Article 92 of the Law requires that provisions in accordance with Article 55 (the Register) shall take full effect not later than September 1,2010.

National Territorial Council
The Law stipulates in Article 8 that "...The National Territorial Council (NTC) shall be the decision-making body responsible for enacting the national planning instruments, in line with the stipulations contained in this Law. The NTC shall be established under the Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister shall be the NTC head."

National Territorial Planning Agency - Message from NTPA Director

As a new body created by the Law on Territorial Planning, enacted in April 2009, the National Territorial Planning Agency (NTPA) is pleased to be working closely with the MCC Albania Threshold Program II (MCCA2) to establish a Territorial Planning Register. This is part of an effort to increase transparency and streamline the construction permit process in Albania. The Register web portal will serve as an integrated network of decentralized databases of both national and local planning authorities, allowing public access to the urban planning and construction permit data they maintain.

NTPA, which operates under the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, is working with MCCA2 to establish the Register in five pilot municipalities: Fier, Pogradec, Shkodër, Tiranë and Vlorë. The software underpinning the Register web portal, which includes a system that will allow the public to track construction site permit applications online, has been under active development by MCCA2 since mid-2009, based on a joint IT vision for the Register that has garnered wide support by key stakeholders.

With MCCA2 support, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has engaged in extensive consultations on the draft secondary legislation for establishing the Register. This legislation also includes spatial information standards conforming to EU norms, as well as measures to support national and local planning authorities in the development of territorial planning instruments.

The Territorial Planning Register is an ambitious project, and NTPA, as the agency responsible for providing technical support for establishing national territorial policies as well as regional and local territorial planning, is fully committed, in close cooperation with MCCA2, to make it come to fruition, with the goal of enabling an efficient and transparent territorial planning and construction permit process in Albania.

Kreuza Leka, Director
National Territorial Planning Agency

Territorial Planning Register
Article 3 of the Law states that the "...The Territorial Planning Register, hereinafter the register, shall mean a public electronic and paper inventory, into which data on land, planning acts and draft acts, development applications, and development, building or use permits, the legal rights or restraints stemming from them, as well as studies or other documents of interest to the public, are entered and managed, as defined by Chapter V of this Law, independently by the national and local authorities."

Article 52 of the Law says that "...Information in the Register shall be organized according to a network of integrated and multi-purpose electronic cadastral bases of data on land, being inde­pendent of and interacting with one another. Responsible authorities shall build, manage and maintain the databases, being components of the Register according to a technical platform, and joint geodesic and GIS structure and standards, so as to ensure compliance and interac­tion among them, as well as the exchange and use of information registered in them."

Archive of Legal and Regulatory Information 
New Law on Territorial Planning
    Law on Territorial Planning
    Secondary Legislation 
       DCM for the establishment of the Territorial Planning Agency
Sub legal acts

 Existing Legistation on Territorial Planning
    LAW 8405 on Urban Planning 1998 
    LAW 8501 Amendments to Urban Planning Law 1999
    LAW 8991 Amendments to urban Planning Law 2003
    Ligj test
 Other governing legislation
    Decentralization of local governance
       Environment related legislation
       Law on environmetal protection

       Law on fishery and aquaculture
       Water sources law

       LAW 8561 on Expropriations for Public Interest 1999 


National Institutions

In addition to the municipalities and territorial planning institutions established by the Law on Territorial Planning, there are number of national institutions with responsibility for maintaining spatial information and plans pertinent to territorial planning. Available information from these institutions is presented here.

Ministry of Public Works

Spatial Information
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Ministry of Economy

Spatial Information
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Ministry of Interior

Spatial Information
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Ministry of Environment

Spatial Information
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Ministry of Tourism and Culture

Spatial Information
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CEZ Albania

Spatial Information
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Spatial Information
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Spatial Information
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Spatial Information
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